Composting – a great initiative from St Andrews Links Trust now means that local people can help themselves to compost supplies from a site at the northern end of the West Sands road. The golf courses operated by the Links Trust produce a good deal of compost materials.

“Hamish” – no, Hamish is not a wild-haired, kilted Highlander – he is the organic digester machine operated by the University of St Andrews, which recycles waste food etc produced in the university’s halls of residence and catering outlets.

Recycling – the community recycling centre in town has a success rate of around 80% each month, and can recycle over 24 different products. There are also a number of recycling areas around the town in car parks and student halls of residence. Many of these also recycle books, shoes and clothing for the use of charities.

Fife Council has also recently implemented a new four bin collection scheme which now enables St Andrews householders to recycle plastic bottles and metal tins , as well as cardboard and paper, general waste, also garden and food waste – with biodegradable corn starch bags provided free of charge for food use.

It has just been announced that  St Andrews has been choose to pilot a scheme to recycle nappies into roof tiles – beginning shortly.

Dog fouling – Fife Council has numerous strategically placed bins in and around the town for the use of dog walkers, who on the whole are very responsible, after a ‘Green dog walker’ campaign to pick up after their dogs. Free disposable bags are provided at the council office in St Marys Place

Graffiti – this is dealt with as quickly as possible by the Council, and more use has been made of anti-vandal paint in a few vulnerable areas.

Bicycles – students and university staff are actively encouraged to use bicycles for getting in and around town. Abandoned bicycles are tagged giving the owners a chance to collect them, and if not, they are collected by the police and passed on to local charities and organisations – a true “recycling” scheme!!!